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ava at 18 months

so, this post is a bit late.  she is actually 20 months old now.  i cannot believe it!  in not that many months my baby girl will be two.  it's incomprehensible! ahhhhhh!  she has changed and grown so so much in the last 6 months.  she is like this tiny big girl.  she has a big personality, has become very independent in so many ways, is talking more, bosses everyone around and just runs around amazing me everyday.  in the past several months, more of her personality is coming out and she appears to be very headstrong like her brother, extremely capable, sometimes cranky.  actually sometimes she gets mad at us, and she has these big pouty lips and shouts "nooooo!" in her tiny munchkin voice and it's hard not to laugh because she is so small and adorable that it's kinda funny when she gets upset like that.  she loves playing, reading books, being outside, she loves her baba and when hubs comes home she runs over smiles really big and says "babaaaaaa!". …

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