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dun dun dun dunnnnnn...invisalign!

that's right folks.  this lady got invisalign.  as you can probably tell, my teeth are awful.  well, they're fine, they are just not in the correct spots.  i have wanted to get braces foreverrrrrr since i was a kid.  but finances were tight and my folks just couldn't.  and then when i began working and supporting myself, i never really had the extra money either.  i could probably have done it if i didn't have a car or have to pay rent or have doctor and dentist bills.  and i also had some dental work that had to be sorted out before i could get braces.  but you know, priorities.  so anyway, hubby and i have talked about it for a long time, too.  it probably would have been easier before we had kids, but i also had other things going on then and it just didn't seem the best time.  but now it's myyyyyy turnnnnn!  haha.

my plan was to interview 3 or so orthodontists and then choose the one i liked the best and had the best pricing, etc.  but when i started conta…

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