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one of those days...

guys.  oh man.  i am trying really hard to make sure this day is not one of those days.  you know what i mean.

it took me forever to fall asleep last night as my mental to-do list was flipping through my head like a rolodex.  for some reason i was pondering some deep stuff.  i forced myself to use the meditative tools that i have been learning and practicing, and finally feel the pull of sleep on my mind.  yay, i thought, here i go, down into glorious sleep.  and then was jolted awake by another thought sneakily, insistently reminding me of another thing i must take care of.  damn.  ok, meditate again, clear the mind, a piece of prayer gently floating around my conscious...'say God sufficeth all things above all things...'.  it's a lovely thought to fall asleep to.  finally.

many hours later, my son screams out for me, asking me to come lay next to him, he is scared.  a few minutes later, his breath has slowed and has become regular, with a sweet little boy snore.  right…

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