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self-serve snack bin for kids

hey y'all.  so, i wanted to share with you one of the things that i recently implemented that has so far been a big hit.  my friends and i were chatting about our kids' eating preferences and snacks and stuff, and we were talking about how now that our kids are a little older, they are becoming more opinionated about what they choose to eat, and even a little picky.  i have always been a supporter of offering the kids healthy food and letting them decide if and how much to eat without any pressure.  if they choose not to eat what i make, then they have to wait until the next meal.  it has never impacted their sleep, and i am not afraid that they are going to starve.  will they be hungry?  likely.  and they will probably eat their next meal and ask for more.

but recently z has become even more choosey about what he wants to eat.  no cheese, off and on with different fruits, doesn't like to eat meat very often, and of course mostly just wants to eat carbs.  so in an effort…

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